About Us

The Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) at Inova Health System offers physicians and other health care professionals educational opportunities that foster excellence in patient care. In concert with the overall mission of Inova, our endeavor is supported by the Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee to ensure that activities comply with the Essentials and Standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. We support the concept of continuous undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical education throughout the lifetime of the healthcare professional. To achieve our goals, we support the expansion of both traditional and innovative modes of learning. The OCME offers a variety of continuing medical education courses to meet the rapidly changing needs of health care professionals. We are committed to exploring new learning modalities through the application of innovative communications technologies including Quality Improvement and CME courses on the internet. 

Mission Statement


The Inova Health System continuing medical education program (OCME) works to continuously improve the quality of care for patients by providing physicians and other health care professionals with high quality, objective educational activities to improve knowledge, competence and performance in the healthcare environment. The overall goal of the program is to sponsor evidence-based programming that is appropriate to the needs of practicing physicians, based on principles of adult learning and results in narrowing the professional practice gap of its learners.


Inova’s CME program includes a broad range of content areas, specialty and subspecialty topics chosen through a systematic needs assessment process, which identifies “gaps” between current and best practice. Educational content is selected for its relevance to the target audience’s scope of professional practice and is planned to enhance core competencies, promote evidence-based care and address healthcare concerns. 

Target Audience

Physicians and other collaborating health care professionals with an abiding interest in improving patient care in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. 

Types of Activities Provided

The Inova CME Program offers a varied range of activities, structured around adult-learning principles, to allow for diverse and individual learning styles. The program provides didactic forums, symposia, regularly scheduled series (RSS), review courses, hands-on skills simulation workshops, and online education. 

Expected Results of the Program

OCME expects to improve the competence and performance of our learners, thus ideally improving patient outcomes. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods used to gauge the effectiveness of these activities may include pre- and post-activity competency measures such as self-efficacy measures (i.e., changes in learners' confidence in approaching clinical problems), change statements (expressed intent to change behavior or incorporate newly acquired strategies in their practice), and/or performance on quality practice measures. 

Our Team

Sharon Bachman, MD
Medical Director

Kelley Sanchez

Adrienne Whittle
RSS/CME Coordinator

Christina Fontana
Senior Meeting Planner

Brittany Gallagher
Senior Meeting Planner